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About  Bees & Wasps

As Bees and Wasps can be very dangerous and nests can grow quite large over time it is  importune to treat a nest, hive or swarm  as soon as they are found to minimise the chance anyone will get hurt. 



Wasps can eat plaster in homes and buildings and is sometimes the trigger for a pest controller to be called after they have in eaten their way into the building. Honey has been know to damage walls as it is a liquid it can stain. 

Both wasp and bee hives have been know to start fires if located inside a fireplace. 


Health Risks:
The sting from both a wasp or bee can cause anaphylaxis in some people Symptoms include an all over rash, swelling of tongue or throat, trouble breathing, gut cramps, diarrhoea, vomiting or even a drop in blood pressure (shock) if experience any of the symptoms please seek medical attention

Because of the high risk to peoples health the are treated with the highest priority and must be treated that day or the following day.

It is recommend to be done by a trained professional. 




With every job.

Gippsland Pest management will undertake a professional approach to every job, no matter the size.  

  • Priority Service "Same day service next day"

  • Using some of the highest quality products.

  • After hours Priority Service.

  • Low impact products in the right concentrations.

  • Providing treatment with free service within the first 30days.

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