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About  Cockroaches 

Cockroaches are Nocturnal and some pest species like the German Cockroaches can breeding quite heavily and are know for carrying diseases, this is a real problem in a home or business if not managedcockroaches eat almost any food material or biological wast because of this they tend to pick up bacteria and nasty diseases. So it is very important in kitchens and areas where food is stored to clean up. 

Cockroaches that are found around the average home are native species, witch in most cases not classified as a hygiene or pest status. This is not to say pest species are not found around the home cockroaches can live almost anywhere. and once a pest species is living with you they can be hard to remove.  


Health risk 

Cockroaches carry bacteria that is involved in food poisoning are: salmonellae, Clostridium Welchii and Staphylococci. 


some people can also have an Asthmatic reactions due to the shedding of cockroaches skins. Causing a asthma response or allergies.




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