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Fleas can be a really big problem in homes especially where there are pets in the home. Fleas are not only a problem for pets but also pose a problem for their owners. Fleas are usually found in homes with pets or with an infestation of pests like rodents (rats & mice), stray cats or possums. 



I just moved in why do i have fleas?

Fleas can pose a problem to new home owners or renters that have just moved into a new home. This is because sometimes fleas can live unkowning with a home owner and their pets but once they have moved out the fleas go dormant waiting for a new feed to come along. As soon as the fleas sense the vibrations of the new owners moving in they may become active. 


Treating pets and why?

Fleas not only have an uncomfortable bite to pets and humans but they are also carrirers of the tapeworm parasite. Because of this it is important to make sure you treat your pets for worms and fleas at the same time. 


What you can do before treating? 
As fleas can be a really big problem and can be reintroduced to a property easily there is a few things you can do to minimise the chance of fleas coming back. 

  1. Lawns should be mowed as short as possible before treating.

  2. Make sure not to have washing on the line the day of treatment.

  3. Pets should all be taken on the day of treatment and also treated for both worms and fleas. 

  4. All bedding and clothing should be washed in hot water if possible. "hot water will kill and remove eggs if they are present"

Vacating time.

All people/pets are required to vacate in normal circumstances for 2hours. However ladys that are pregnant or any children under the age of 12 months or people suffering from asthma should vacate for 4 hours.



With every job.

Gippsland Pest management will undertake a professional approach to every job, no matter the size.  

  • Using some of the highest quality products.

  • Low impact products in the right concentrations.

  • Pet and child safe techniques and products.


What we treat?

Treatment for fleas around the home includes roof void, subfloor "if present" external walls, all lawn and garden areas, sheds/carports/garages, all carpet areas, skirtings, cracks/crevices and all pet bedding and sleeping areas.

Every house is different there could also be other areas of the home that may be deemed necessary to treat to try and gain control of the flea population, this would be at the digression of the technician on the day of treatment.




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