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About  Rodents "Rats & Mice"


Rodents can be found almost everywhere humans live around the world. There are three introduced pest rodents found around Australia.


1. Roof Rat - Rattus rattus

2. Norway Rat - Rattus norvegicus

3. House Mouse - Mus musculus


Humans provide rodents basic needs: food, shelter and water. Because of this rodents thrive in the same environment humans live in. 

Rodents are a Threat and Why.

Rodents are a threat to our health, can damage property and contaminate food. Rodents populations can grow quickly, with numbers in the thousands within months. Infestations of Rodents can quickly do large amounts of damage to your property and assets. 



Rodents have a single pair of continuously growing incisors that they must keep short. This is done by gnawing because of this rodents can do serious structural damage and even start fires. Rodents have also been known to find cars to be great homes causing large amounts of damage to their electrical systems and upholstery. 


Health Risks:
Rodents have no bladder control and don't bathe as a result they carry with them germs and diseases that are then transmitted onto food and surfaces by their paws.

Rodents have a distinctive smell  that is hard to forget once you are aware of whats causing it, this smell becomes more noticeable with long term infestation.



With every job.

Gippsland Pest management will undertake a professional approach to every job, no matter the size.  

  • Using some of the highest quality products.

  • Low impact products in the right concentrations.

  • Pet and child safe techniques and products.

  • Providing Treatment with warranty's.

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