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About  Spiders

Spiders are one of the most feared and disliked creatures in Australia. But in most cases spiders are more of a nuisance pest by leaving their unsightly webs around homes and businesses.

Although spiders can be scary and in some cases very creepy to look at they have a vital role to play in the environment.

Spider control is designed to be environmentally friendly and is by nature a short-term treatment.

The treatment acts by breaking the life cycle of the problem spiders in and around your home, thus resulting in spiders taking longer to come back to your home environment. 


Spiders are a beneficial part of all eco-sysems and help keep  other insect populations under control. This said spider treatments will help keep spider numbers in and around your home to a manageable number, making sure that the more dangerous spiders like whitetails and redbacks are kept away from children and pets. 



In most cases spiders are nuisance pests with little danger to humans. however some spiders are poisonous like the Redback, White-tail and even the common black house spider can have quite a painful bite. 


Currently in Australia, only the male Sydney Funnel Web spiders and Redback spiders have caused human deaths, But none have occurred since antivenins were made available in 1981.




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