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About Timber Pest Inspection


When buying a new home you should always make sure, what you are planning on buying does not have any unexpected surprises. 

To do this make sure that your next home has a independent timber pest Inspection. This is quick and easy way to know if there is any timber pests. Even if it is just to give you the peace of mind to know everything is ok with your purchase choice. All Termite Inspections come with a comprehensive report this will include information related to areas conducive to termite attack and recommendations on how best to correct the problems found. As well as details about all timber damage found at time of Inspection.

 Purchasing a home is for most people a huge decision and can be quite a stressful time. Finding termites or termite damage in the home you have just purchased can shatter your dreams in seconds.


Make sure the previous owner is not hiding repairs.

A Termite Pre-purchase inspection.

A  Visual termite pest Inspection is a visual assesment of evidence indicating activity, damage and/or workings of the following timber destroying organisms.

  1. Subterranean Termites/ Dampwood Termites.
    Subterranean termites/White Ants are wood destroying insects that can feed on your home. 


  1. Comprehensive report that complies with Australian Standards (see further details).

  2. Quick turnaround including the inspector’s verbal on-the-day summary and discussion about the findings of the pest inspections.

  3. Independent advice to help you fix problems now and reduce future risk

Gippsland Pest Management is:

  • Fully Licence Pest Controllers with Health Department.
  • Covered by $10 million professional indemnity insurance.
  • Covered by $10 million public liability insurance,




Visual Termite Pest Inspections To


We offer a full detailed Pre purchase Inspection that meets Australia standards. With the latest tools & equipment. Inspections are detailed and take time to do a complete report of the whole home.

Area's Inspected Where Accessible:

  • Roof Void. 

  • Subfloor Area's unless the building is on concrete slab.

  • Internal Tmbers. (Skiring boards, Door and Window Frames...)

  • External Timbers (up to 50 metres or to boundaries of property. Fences, Garden Landscape Timbers, Retaining walls...)

  • Suspect Trees & Stumps.

Area's Inspected Where Accessible:

  • Testing Tools/Equipment

  • Moisture Meter.

  • Probs.

A typed Pre purchase Inspection report that advises of all the findings and recommendations will be forwarded once the account has been finalised.


Quotations for treatment will be supplied or forwarded to the client. Depending on what is found on site there may be various options available which include the full treatment to the Australian Standards.

If live termite activity visually located at the time of the inspection treatment can begin that day by using dusts or baiting depending on your budget and needs This is the start of the control method. and is followed up with a treatment program that is suited to your home. 



Termites have eaten this floor out.. 





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